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pinDecember 5-7, 2018: Capacity building and leadership training course media associations and organisations with IFJ (supported by EU)
pinDecember 18, 2018: Information session on Sub-granting Scheme for media associations and organisations (in cooperation with EU)
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Albanian media scene vs. European Standards
Relations between media and politics in Albania
Media coverage of the justice reform in Albania: between public interest and political clientelism
Religious Extremism in Albanian Media
Regional Report: A World the Size of a Saucer- International news reporting in SEE countries
Reporting international affairs in Albanian media
TrainingIn the framework of the project "Towards improved labor relations and professionalism in the Albanian Media", supported by European Union, the Albanian Media Institute, in co-operation with International Federation of Journalists, selected three projects of Albanian media associations and organizations among the applications for the first call of sub-grants within this project. The Union of Albanian Journalists will implement the project "Structuring the Organization with Capacities Against Informality". The project aims, on one hand, to restructure the Union of Albanian Journalists, and, on the other hand, to investigate informality in the work relationships of journalists at the national level ... more
-Towards improved labor relations and professionalism in the Albanian media
- Advancing media & information literacy in the Western Balkans
- Strengthening the role of the independent media in the Justice Reform process
- Improving representation and portrayal of women in audiovisual media
- EU Investigative Journalism Awards  
- South-East European Partnership for Media Development
-Testing the implementation of the new law on access to information from the new local administration
-Albanian media scene vs. European standards: what rule of law in the media sector?
-Improving capacities of Albanian journalists on new media with a special angle on gender equality
-Building trust in media in south east Europe and

AMI starts new project on media and justice reform in Albania...

Media for Citizens - Citizens for Media: State of MIL and...
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Three EU-supported projects in the media field start implementation
Call for Applications for Civil Society Organizations
Ftesë për aplikime për organizatat e shoqërisë civile
Media Partnership
Call for participation for journalists in the Justice Reform Media Academy
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