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Copyright: Albanian Media Institute - Instituti Shqiptar i Medias, 2011
pinMay 8, 2015: Movie projection -"The Agreement" (Frontline)
pinMay 12, 2015: Media and elections seminar -Durres (in cooperation with OSCE)
pinMay 14, 2015: Media and elections seminar -Elbasan (in cooperation with OSCE)
pinMay 19, 2015: Roundtable – Presentation of the research on social media (in cooperation with EU)
pinMay 22, 2015: Media and elections seminar -Fier (in cooperation with OSCE)
pinMay, 2015: Media and elections seminar -Burrel (in cooperation with OSCE)
pinMay, 2015: Local elections training courses - Kukes and Gjirokaster (supported by Friedrich Ebert Foundation)
pinMay, 2015: Media Legislation training course (in cooperation with EU)
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New call for proposals for journalists to produce investigative stories...
Thirrje e re për propozime për gazetarët për të prodhuar artikuj investigativë...
Practical guide to Access to Information Law
A publication on Legal Leaks Toolkit
Monitoring Access to Public Institutions 2014
Research study on online media in Albania
A publication on media integrity issues
TrajnimiAlbanian Media Institute and Council of Europe organized two two-day seminars in Tirana on April 21-24, with the participation of 40 reporters. The two seminars were targeted at print and electronic media journalists, aiming to train them on the Albanian Electoral Code and to improve their professional skills in covering elections. Afrim Krasniqi, expert on elections, focused on the evolution of electoral systems in Albania through the years, describing the main advantages, disadvantages, and impact of each on political system. Particular attention was paid to the change of the electoral map, the new administrative system, the way it will affect the outcome of elections, the dynamics between parties, etc. By comparing the current system to previous systems and elections. ...more
- Improving Media Freedom and Media Professionalism in Albanian Media
- South-East European Partnership for Media Development
- South East European Media Observatory: Building Capacities and Coalitions for Monitoring Media Integrity and Advancing Media Reforms
- Media Accountability in SEE
- Improving access to information for media and citizens
- Journalism and human rights weeks

Workshop and advocacy training on labour relations in the media ...

Training courses on reporting local elections for local journalists ...
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Training seminars on media and elections
Partneriteti Observatori i Medias së Europës Juglindore bën thirrje për aplikime nga gazetarë investigativë për të zbuluar praktika korruptive që kërcënojnë funksionimin e medias së lirë ...më tej
The partnership South East European Media Observatory seeks applications from investigative journalists to disclose corrupt practices undermining the proper functioning of free ...more
Call for participation: Investigative Journalism Summer School!
Thirrje për pjesëmarrje: Shkollë vere për gazetarinë investigative!