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Documentary movie projection: "Pussy Riot - a Punk Prayer"
rbw-report"Pussy Riot: A punk prayer" was the documentary movie that was projected to an audience of journalists, academics, and civil society representatives on March 25. This film looks at the real people behind the now famous group of female artists. Following the bizarre and intricate twists of the trial, the movie observes the three young women fighting back against a justice system that seems impervious to logic. The movie shows what transformed these women from political activists in to modern day icons. Moving from farce to tragedy and back again, the film explores how political and religious forces contrived to make an example out of three young artists who stepped out of line.

Mike Lerner, the director of the documentary, was also present at the screening and participated in the discussion that ensued afterwards with the participants. This documentary was projected by Albanian Media Institute, with the support of Frontline Club.
USA ReportA media talk focusing on current affairs in Ukraine took place on March 12, with the participation of journalists, editors, civil society representatives, and academicians. Key speaker was Alessio Vinci, former correspondent of CNN in Moscow. Some of the key topics addressed included internal economic and political situation in Ukraine as well as a brief look on historical relations with Russia. Specific attention was paid to he developments in Crimea, analyzed in the geopolitical context. The role of other countries involved and the potential for diplomatic agreement and influence was another topic addressed. The speaker discussed with participants also the potential developments in the future in this region and the role of Russia in the current global affairs, too. The media talk was organized by Albanian Media Institute, with the support of Frontline Club.
A training course on multimedia storytelling was organized on March 17-21 at the Albanian Media Institute, with the participation of 15 journalists from print, electronic, and online media. The main aim of the course was to teach journalists how to adapt to the new technologies and merge with new media, at least in specific formats. The training course aimed to cover all aspects of multimedia news production; from basic storyboarding to hands-on instruction with hardware and software for production of multimedia stories. Participants also reported on relevant topics of the moment and then constructed a multimedia presentation based on that coverage.
Media talk on current affairs in Ukraine
Course on media legislation
A training course on media legislation took place at the Albanian Media Institute on March 4-5, with the participation of 15 journalists from mainstream media. The course aimed for journalists to become familiar with the existing legislation regarding various media aspects and the situation of its implementation. The specific aspects tackled were defamation, access to information, and labor relations in the media landscape, viewed in a comparative manner with EU standards in this area. After providing a brief overview of the international standards in access to information, the lecturers focused on the Albanian legal provisions in this area. Special attention was paid to a joint initiative with Justice Initiative to make further amendments to the law on access to information. The participants presented their problems in receiving information from public officials in the course of their work. The participants also became familiar with the main legal provisions regarding defamation as changed in 2012 in the Penal and Civil Codes.

The main issues addressed were related to the main defamation court cases and to the changing of mechanism of fines with the new amendments. Finally, the participants discussed the situation of labor relations in the media, referring to the regulation in Labor Code and the respective provisions in audiovisual media legislation. This course was organized by Albanian Media Institute with the support of the European Union.
Multimedia storytelling course
Regional conference on independence of media regulators
digitalA regional conference on the indicators for independence of media regulatory bodies, organized by the Council of Europe (CoE), in the framework of the regional Project "Promoting freedom of expression and information and freedom of the media in South-East Europe (SEE)", took place in Tirana on March 6-7. The conference gathered representatives of the media regulatory bodies, relevant Ministries, parliamentary committees and non-governmental organisations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Kosovo to discuss indicators for formal and actual independence of regulatory bodies and related challenges. The main speakers addressed the key indicators for formal and de facto independence of regulators, focusing also on specific countries. The participants also shared their own experiences regarding the biggest challenges to independence of regulator, such as legal framework, law implementation, staff rules, accountability, conflict of interest, internal culture of independence, transparency, etc.