Media Critique

Media criticism is practiced only sporadically and often with motivations other than an honest and calm examination of news media content and conduct. In fact, there is a potential for media criticism to play a considerable role in raising journalism standards. When done well, media criticism can generate critical approaches to news and information among the general public as well as focus the minds of editors.

This space is devoted to articles that contribute to the genre of media critique, with the aim of raising awareness of public opinion and media community on particular trends and reflections of media coverage. The analysis published in this section seeks to highlight and analyse significant examples of good and bad journalism, paying attention to both technical and ethical aspects of reporting and editorialising.

This section is supported by the regional project “Building Resilient Journalism in the Western Balkans,” supported by National Endowment for Democracy and coordinated by South East European Network for Professionalization of the Media (SEENPM).

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